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I am Alok Verma from Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, I am qualified with B.Sc Agriculture, M.Sc Agronomy, B.Ed and MPhil in Agronomy. I am telling you that Iam preparing for a professor in this moment, along with this.

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his Is My All Privet History

What's More In My Life

My absolute aim is to become a good professor, bring good cropping techniques to my farmer brothers and give good education to the children of my promising India.

In Sugarcane Farming

Farmers also got very good yield in sugarcane farming, Which gives the farmer less money and good money in cost.


While Traveling

I had a lot of desire that I also meet my India and see how beautiful and good my India is

Students Life

 Student life also passes a very good life because children can do anything in this life.

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